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Showing posts with label Toonpur Ka Superrhero. Show all posts

September 10, 2010

Toonpur Ka Superrhero

Toonpur Ka Superrhero

Synopsis ~ Toonpur Ka Superrhero

After winning the third award for Best Actor in a Hollywood movie, Karan Rai (Ajay Devgn) announces his retirement from acting and declares his intention to play basketball. Meanwhile, deep in space, on another planet called 'Chinchpoklichi' an outer space theme park, Mr. Doot (Vivek Vaswani) sends five tiny aliens known as the Nerdlucks to go to Aladin Land and capture all the Aladin-cartoon characters and take them to Chinchpoklichi. But the Aladin's all together think of a plan to find a way to escape slavery on Chinchpoklichi. And Pokemon's decided to defend themselves by challenging the Nerdlucks to a acting contest. Then the Nerdlucks uses their strange powers to steal the talent of five Acting stars such as Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Zayed Khan, Sanjay Dutt, and Shawn Bradley which they'll ultimately transform themselves into the tallest and muscular Monstars. It's up to Karan Rai to help the Aladin's do a acting contest vs. the Monstars. But if the Monstars win, then Mr. Doot gets the Looney Tunes, and along with Karan to Chinchpoklichi!

Cast & Crew ~ Toonpur Ka Superrhero

Directed by:- Kireet Khurana
Produced by:- Sharan Kapoor
Written by:- Raagi Bhatnagar
Starring:- Ajay Devgn,Kajol,Sanjay Mishra
Music by:- Anu Malik
Studio:- Big Screen Entertainment,Climb Media
Distributed by:- IBC Motion Pictures
Release date(s):- 15 October 2010
Country:- India
anguage:- Hindi

Wallpapers ~ Toonpur Ka Superrhero

Video ~ Toonpur Ka Superhero

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